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Waverly empowers you to create a social media experience that is truly your own. With our conversational AI, you have the flexibility and control to craft a healthier and more playful experience, one that reflects your unique goals and values. You can now easily eliminate distractions and focus on the content that truly matters to you. Waverly hopes to inspire a new form of social media that fosters the long-term benefits of meaningful connections and self-growth.

Waverly is social media on your own terms.


So, imagine the year is 2005. Facebook is still a novelty for most people. It’s only available to people with a college email address, and has only just started to add features like photo tagging. YouTube is in its infancy. In the following decade, social media will experience a growth explosion and become a core part of most people’s lives. But as social media grows, so do concerns about its impact on society.

Philippe Beaudoin’s experience as a founding engineer of the Chrome machine learning team at Google gave him unique insights into the problems with social media. Through his interactions with various concerned Google employees, including American technology ethicist Tristan Harris (of Netflix documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’ fame), Philippe became concerned about the way algorithms and engagement-driven design were shaping peoples’ lives.

The need for a different approach led Philippe Beaudoin to create Waverly, a social media platform designed to put peoples’ intentions first. Waverly embeds the idea that social media can be built on a foundation of transparency and user control, with the goal of empowering people rather than manipulating them. It’s based on the idea that everyone should have agency and ownership over their social media experience. Rather than being pushed into a feed they do not understand, people should be able to shape their experience by choosing what they want to see, who they want to interact with, and how they want to interact.


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